Classics in Algebraic / Geometric Topology

Michaelmas Term 2013 (CAT). Class TR1.00-2.15 in C5.

Michaelmas Term 2012 (CGT). Class TR1.00-2.15 in SGSR2.

Michaelmas Term 2011 (CAT). Class TR1.00-2.15 in SGSR1.


Course description

This is a seminar course, in which students will read and lecture on original papers in algebraic or geometric topology. Each student will present two or three papers during the term—the first papers should be chosen from the list of suggestions below, but later papers may follow students’ interests. Students should read all the papers we cover, not just those on which they are speaking.

Course information

Here is a list of suggested papers for more algebraic years and a list for more geometric years.

And here is the course schedule for 2011, 2012 and 2013.


Contact information

Christopher Douglas
Email: cdouglas at maths



This seminar owes a lot to the seminar that Dan Kan began and ran for many years, and more specifically to the current version of it organized by Haynes Miller.