Algebraic Topology (C3.1a)

Michaelmas Term 2017. Class T12 & W12.

Course description

This is an advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate course in algebraic topology. Topics will include: simplicial, singular, and cellular homology; axiomatic descriptions of homology; cohomology, and cross and cup products; Universal coefficient and K\”unneth theorems; and Poincar\’e, Lefschetz, and Alexander duality.

The natural prerequisites are basic point-set topology (say from Part A Topology), familiarity with the fundamental group (say from B3.1a), and elementary abstract algebra (say from Part A Algebra 2 and Algebra 3). References will be provided to help students fill in background knowledge as needed.


The syllabus, available here, contains a page of references and background resources, along with information about the classes and problem sheets.

Problem sheets

Contact information

Christopher Douglas
Office: N2.27
Email: cdouglas at maths