Since 2015, I have been director of the Taught Course Centre. Email me if you would like to give a lecture course through the TCC.

In 2013, I cofounded the Centre for Quantum Mathematics and Computation. Email me if you are interested in visiting, or perhaps joining, the Centre.

In 2004, I cocreated Talbot, a novel workshop format for graduate students. It’s still going strong, but we’re all faculty now, so I’ve cooked up a new scheme, Talbot Senior. Email me if you are interested in helping with its development, or are just curious.

Dan Kan established a seminar that became the backbone of and a right of passage for the MIT graduate topology program. Our generation experienced this seminar with Haynes Miller as our intrepid guide. I fondly emulated the pedagogical model, establishing Kan Seminars at Stanford and Oxford.

Here is a transatlantic list of topology-ish research seminars.

And I’ll close, with much fondness and gratitude, by noting that my collaborators are awesome.